Tagzbox and MappedIn Israel

Written by: Hannah Inman
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Tagzbox logoAmir Zucker is the founder of Tagzbox and an R&D Specialist for MappedIn Israel .

Tagzbox.com was created with the idea that many consumers use video to dictate their purchase decisions. What Tagzboxdoes is enable you to add context to your videos by linking topics and items from the video to the place where you either buy or learn more about them.

MappedIn Israel is a map of Israel that provides free and easy access to data and reviews about the Israeli high-tech ecosystem. This site has tens of thousands of weekly visits.

These two projects seem completely different: one a smaller startup and the other a popular, entirely crowdsourced, high-traffic website. In undertaking both of these projects, Amir turned to CloudBees for assistance.

Amir shares how he discovered CloudBees: “I first heard about CloudBees in an online video that showed how to go from zero to a live online service in less than 30 minutes. I thought it was phenomenal at the time, and today, a year and a half later, I still think that PaaS is one of the most important things to happen to the startup community, mainly due to the fact that it removes the high cost barrier that used to exist in starting a business.”

For developers, being able to focus on creating a great service with minimal hassle and clutter is crucial. With CloudBees, Amir was able to host his code online, have a CI service compile and test it and then have it deployed to production. He was able to do all of this in much less time - and without having to set up machines and software, pay for outsourced maintenance and support services, and install various other necessary solutions.

“I'm using SendGrid for emails and MongoHQ for my NoSQL database, since they are all so convenient to use from within the Cloudbees Platform. I am also using New Relic for monitoring my app as I don't think you can live without such monitoring tools when you have an online service.

As for native services, I'm using your hosted Git service, Jenkins CI and I am deploying on a staging and a production environment also on CloudBees.”

Amir also says: “All in all, I think that the CloudbeesPlatform was a definite enabler to my two latest initiatives, and played a huge part in making them a success.”

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