The Strong Case for Enterprise Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Written by: Electric Bee

Co-underwriting next week’s DevOps Enterprise: The Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps Transformation Summit was a bold move for CloudBees and Gene Kim’s IT Revolution. As two organizations committed to enterprise adoption of these practices, we jointly believe there is a need for an industry event that focuses on the unique issues larger organizations face with Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. We feel industry leaders from companies like Disney, GE and Macy’s will embrace this type of conference, and be eager to share their experiences and lessons learned.
Turns out, we were right.
With a week to go, DevOps Enterprise is officially sold out . For that I want to thank all of the organizers, sponsors, speakers and attendees for rallying around this three-day event. If you haven’t checked out the speaker lineup, please do so here:
As an industry, software development is at the core of so many exciting innovations. The emergence of Big Data, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and enterprise mobile apps are driving new levels of customer engagement and more valuable products, services and information across virtually every business sector.
Collectively, we have much to be thankful about. First and foremost, in my mind, is the collaborative nature of our industry. Is it competitive? Without a doubt, it is. But, for the most part, I see conferences and events sponsored and attended by like-minded, passionate people and organizations. Nowhere today does that passion run as deep as those leading the charge for Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. All three of these disciplines are increasingly being adopted at a rate that is nothing short of phenomenal. We’re all moving to become more agile and more responsive so we can deliver the software-powered innovations our organizations need to compete in an increasingly dynamic and demanding marketplace.
To add to the celebration and for those of you attending the Summit next week, I invite you to join our “DevOps is the Future” party on Tues., Oct. 22 from 7 to 9 p.m. We’re going with a “Back to the Future” theme – and hosting it at the Computer History Museum within the “Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing” exhibit. Wow, and I thought I had a lot of years in the industry!
I can’t wait for next week – and I hope to see you at The Summit!

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