Taking Bold Steps Forward, Together!

CloudBees announced today that Stephen DeWitt has joined the company as CEO.

Tell Me What You Think and Let's Take Bold Steps, Together

I am tremendously excited to be joining the team at CloudBees, as announced today! I am also humbled by and respectful of the trust and confidence placed in me by Sacha, our board, our investors and all of our team members around the globe. For several months now, I have had the opportunity to speak at length with passionate stakeholders across the CloudBees community, including current and former employees, investors, customers, industry analysts, your leadership and, of course, Sacha. Throughout the conversations, I have felt the spirit and industry presence of the company. I have learned of the sophisticated, dynamic and personal nature of the company’s journey and growth through the years. I have heard the impact we have on our customers’ operations and I have heard the impact we have on people’s personal lives and careers.

Scaling companies to be market leaders

Throughout my own 30+ year career, I have had the opportunity to build transformative companies with some amazing people. I have always reveled in the artistry of what we do in our industry. The anticipation of what comes next for a talented company drives a tremendous cycle of innovation that shines a spotlight on what it takes to lead. We have brilliant and visionary thinkers, a collaborative culture, gifted engineering, tireless operations and world-class customer engagement. Few industries are like this and, for me, it has been my professional passion.

I feel lucky…maybe a bit old…that my journey began at the outset of the PC era. While I was a fierce competitor in sports as a young adult, I was also a first-class geek. Having grown up with a serial entrepreneurial father and a driven mother, I knew early this industry, and all that comes with it, was my path and that became my focus. Experiences, relationships and outcomes have shaped me along the way.

Week one at CloudBees

So, turn the clock forward to today. Week one at CloudBees. Week one of our new fiscal year. Week one of so many new relationships and journeys together, with employees, customers, partners and investors. I’m excited. You should be, too. We closed this past fiscal year strong. Delivering a historic Q4 and continuing the journey of building deep, long-term relationships with our customers, is a great way to finish a year none of us will ever forget.

No company in our space has our background. Our community. Our building blocks. Our footprint. Our people. Crossing the $100 million ARR mark this past year is a huge milestone that few tech companies ever reach. It speaks to the software we develop and provide to our customers. The experiences we enable. Our competence. It also reflects…in a post-Covid world, the importance of our company.

Engaging with you to deliver on our promise

I look forward to getting to know each one of our team members, customers and partners in the days ahead. I will be listening and learning from you all and engaging with you as a leader should. It is inspiring that our product teams continue to lead the market through the world that was 2020 and continues into 2021. I am optimistic that we will bring everything together so we can deliver on our promise and have some fun along the way.

Please reach out. Tell me what you think and how we can take bold steps forward.

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