So Exactly What Is Adaptive Release Automation?

Written by: Electric Bee

Just when you got used to DevOps Release Automation, now we start calling it Adaptive Release Automation. What’s up with that?
Well, it’s really a reflection on the state of digital transformation and where things are headed. To win in today’s markets, disruptors and incumbents alike are making Big Bets on DevOps as one of their key strategies to drive agility and innovation.
However, development teams’ agile pace of technology adoption, innovation and software delivery has outstripped the ability of operations teams to keep up. They can’t deploy quality production updates and releases at the speed demanded by the business. Scaling the status quo (more scripts, more people, more hardware) is simply not working.
This cadence mismatch puts a speed limit on innovation, puts transformation success at risk and puts teams in a state of constant release anxiety.
What if Enterprises DevOps teams shifted their focus from keeping up to getting ahead? What if they had an Adaptive Release Automation capability that let them deploy and release new applications, environments, and changes at any speed and at any scale, while having the visibility, data analytics and intelligence to measure, understand, audit and improve delivery and maintain quality and availability? All while leveraging industry best practices and still being able to meet the unique needs of any application, team, process and or business requirement.
In other words, new opportunities, new technology, and new ways of thinking are the norm. People, processes, and, especially, technology must be able to adapt to the “New” in order to survive and add value. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting, with deployment automation or release coordination, you will always need to be able to adapt to new technologies, new techniques, new situations. A prescriptive pipeline and toolset will leave you stuck in work arounds or struggling to make new things work – with all the associated anxiety.
With CloudBees IT Dev and Operations teams can release on business demand; can meet the challenges of speed, technology, quality and scale requirements; can safely accelerate business innovation and transformation; and, can eliminate release anxiety.
In the coming weeks, we’ll talk more about the core characteristics of Adaptive Release Automation:
• Release On Business Demand
• Deliver Unprecedented Insight
• Pipelines as a Service
• Implement, Adapt, and Evolve at the Speed of Innovation
• Eliminate Release Anxiety

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