Selenium Testing for Web Applications

Written by: Clemens Helm

This is the fifth Testing Tuesday episode. Every week we will share our insights and opinions on the software testing space. Drop by every Tuesday to learn more! Last week we talked about deploying an application with Cucumber and Codeship to Heroku.

Testing with Selenium

Selenium is a remote control for your browser. The official version is a plugin for Firefox, but there are also inofficial releases for other browsers. Selenium lets you perform browser actions by creating scripts instead of using your mouse or keyboard. There may be many use cases for Selenium, but the best and most popular is testing. In this screencast I present the two Selenium tools Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE lets you record and playback tests for your web application in the browser. You just perform a few actions like clicking links or filling in forms. Then you define a desired outcome, like there should be a certain headline. Once this is done, you can replay the test case at any time to make sure your application still works. You don't need any programming knowledge to create these tests, so this is the perfect tool to get started with testing.

Selenium WebDriver

The power of a full web browser for your testing framework. Selenium WebDriver lets you run your integration tests in the web browser. This has many benefits like being able to test pages that rely on Javascript. But it's also nice to see your tests run in the browser, so you can easily figure out what's happening and what's going wrong. In the screencast I show you how easy it is to run your Cucumber scenarios in the web browser with Selenium.

Up next week: Top 5 Cucumber Practices!

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