Secure and Scalable Integration - CloudBees WEAVE@cloud integrations running on RUN@cloud


Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy make improvements to the WEAVE@cloud service backend.  Most of the improvements have been targeted at making the service more reliable and scalable.


You may be aware that WEAVE@cloud has a clear separation between “Designing” and “Running” of integrations.  
This clear separation has allowed us to provide WEAVE@cloud customers with multiple runtime options, giving a choice when it comes to “where” integrations run and the types of services and apps integrations can connect to.  You can:
  1. Run integrations in a fully hosted container in the cloud (like other Cloud Integration services).
  2. Run integrations in self-managed containers (on-premise), allowing you to sync data into and out of an application/database that’s inside your firewall.
One of the improvements we made in the last few weeks was to create better support for option #1 above i.e. a more robust, secure and scalable cloud hosted container for running WEAVE@cloud integration apps.   For this, we created a new dedicated/isolated multi-tenant integration application container built on top of the CloudBees tried and trusted RUN@cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS).
This new “CloudBees (RUN@cloud multi-tenant)” container is a replacement for the old “CloudBees (shared)” container.  It provides the following benefits:
  1. More Secure:  Each WEAVE@cloud customer gets their own dedicated container for running only their integration apps (running on their RUN@cloud account).  This means that, unlike other Cloud Integration services, their data never flows through shared infrastructure “alongside” data owned by other WEAVE@cloud customers.  A container instance can run multiple integrations (is multi-tenant), but only runs integrations for a single customer account.
  2. More Reliable:  Integration reliability is now “scoped” at the account level Vs being scoped more globally at the service level.  Your integrations are not subject to side-effect-failures caused by integrations owned by other WEAVE@cloud customers.  While this has never been a problem in practice, it was a theoretical threat that we wanted to avoid before it ever did happen.
  3. More Scalable:  Closely related to reliability, but worth noting separately; the new container inherits its scalability from the fact that it’s built on top of the RUN@cloud service (WEAVE@cloud’s big brother).  As with reliability, scalability concerns are now scoped at the account level Vs a more global service level, which is obviously much more manageable.
We made a number of other improvements too e.g. “Message Replay”, which is the ability to modify/fix and replay messages that were filtered or failed.  If you haven’t already, please give the service a try and let us know what you think.
Tom Fennelly