Scripts, automation, architecture, DevOps - DOES17 had it all!

Written by: Electric Bee
1 min read

The recent DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco ended a couple of weeks ago- and what a great conference it was!
Such an awesome opportunity to learn from large organizations adopting DevOps and from some of the best minds in the industry about how to get DevOps in the enterprise right. We all got to share and compare notes and experiences on emerging patterns and best practices for scaling success and seeing the biggest impact from your DevOps transformation.
During the conference, I had the pleasure to sit down with SD Time's Dave Rubinstein for a joint interview along with our CTO, Anders Wallgren.
Check out our video interview below to learn about surviving the "script apocalypse" that enterprises often experience when in the midst of their DevOps journey, how architecture and value stream mapping impact your DevOps success, how to start with the transformation, and more.
(Also, stay tunes for the video of my talk at the conference, as well as Anders' session, once they become available.)

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