Rollout Adds Android Support

Written by: Erez Rusovsky

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Rollout Is Available for Android Mobile Apps

Rollout allows dev teams to use a single solution to manage gradual feature releases across platforms, reducing risks of faster development cycles San Francisco – June 20, today announced support for Android mobile app development, a feature flagging as a service solution that provides developers with granular control of app feature releases. Rollout now helps dev teams manage multiple projects in a single place, across app platforms like iOS and Android. Rollout is a feature flagging solution for mobile. Rollout lets dev teams build and deploy apps at the speed business, meeting business KPI's, and without compromising on safety. By providing a gradual release mechanism, a simple way to define target groups, and integrating with the main analytics providers, Rollout allows mobile developers and product managers to optimize feature releases and provide a customized user experience. Rollout’s support for Android is critical to address the needs of a growing market. While most developers write for multiple platforms, Evans Data Corporation estimates that more than half of the 12 million mobile app developers worldwide are developing for Android. This number is expected to increase to 14 million by 2020. Using Rollout, all code is included in the app at the initial point of download and simply turned on or off for individual users or groups. This allows all code to be pre-approved through the Android Marketplace while preserving the ability to disable buggy features or features that do not deliver on business goals without the need for hot patching or emergency, expedited releases.

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