Releasing Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees

Written by: Harpreet Singh
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CloudBees has announced the availability of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees version 11.11 (November release, 2011). CloudBees has aligned itself with the Jenkins Long Term Support provided by the community. For a free evaluation copy, download here .

With the introduction of Jenkins Long Term Support (LTS) release, the Jenkins community has committed itself to providing a stable Jenkins release roughly every 3 months. The community moves to a new branch after 3 months. The community model is described here . However, quite a number of organizations stay on a stable release for more than 3 months and desire that they are not blocked waiting for community resources to address the issues that impact them.

Organizations can address both issues by moving to Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees: CloudBees provides support for issues for 9 additional months on a LTS release and customers have access to support resources that can fix issues for them.

In addition to the support, Jenkins Enterprise gets you access to all CloudBees proprietary plugins. You can read more information about the plugins here . You can also run all the plugins on Jenkins trunk code-base.

Note: The current release is sync-ed with current Jenkins LTS Release Candidate (RC) release. Once the community releases the GA of LTS release, CloudBees will provide an update that syncs with the GA release.

For existing customers who are using Nectar: Nectar 11.10 was re-architected to do away the CloudBees proprietary branch and moved to Jenkins LTS. Existing customers are requested to upgrade to Jenkins Enterprise 11.11. If you do not wish to upgrade, we will continue with support on Nectar 11.04; however Nectar 11.10 is effectively now subsumed by Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees. All plugins will continue to work as is. With this release, Nectar as a product has been superseded by Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees

More information: support model; release notes; user guides found on the CloudBees wiki site.

Download : Existing customers and folks interested in trying out can both use the same link. Note: The war file is called jenkins.war.

- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management

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