Play 2.2.0 clickstart upgraded - and how to use any version of SBT

Written by: Michael Neale

A few weeks back the Play framework released version 2.2.0 - which was a fairly "big" release with lots of fixes and improvements.

This does require some migration if you are using an earlier version of the framework - and they have conveniently provided a migration guide for this.

Following this I had to simply do the following to update my app (the clickstart):

  • change sbt version to: sbt.version=0.13.0 in the file

  • update plugins.sbt: addSbtPlugin("" % "sbt-plugin" % "2.2.0")

  • change our sbt version to 0.13

  • note that the "dist" zip file produced is outputted in a different location:

And it all worked - the CloudBees stack for Play (2) - does not depend on a specific version of Play - when you deploy your Play app - however you do it - the play framework is deployed along side it. This is quite handy!

For SBT - I switched to using this excellent utility from Paul Phillips - I then put that SBT script in the root of the project - so from now on - you just run "./sbt dist " from the project directory - it will then look in the project directory to find out what version of sbt to use - never need to update it again.

To be clear: this will use the SBT version your project specifies (downloading it if necessary) - very handy.

As always - the Clickstart to get you going quickly with Play (2.2.0 now) is here.

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