PaaS+Integration = AppCentric Integration

Written by: Steve Harris

We are really excited at CloudBees about having FoxWeave join forces with us - and I mean really excited, not just as one of those press release headlines you always see. That's because the combination of the CloudBees PaaS and FoxWeave data integration hits a sweet spot for people building new apps today.

CloudBees PaaS and FoxWeave

Data integration has always been a necessary component of application development. What's new, though, is the ubiquitous use of cloud-hosted services with your application. In addition to a database of some kind, you probably use Salesforce to manage customer data, ZenDesk to handle your customer support and you might use SendGrid to send mails to your users. I'm sure many of you reading this post can rattle off a list of half a dozen such SaaS providers or services that you use every day. You often need to migrate accumulated data from one service to the other, and you probably need to synchronize data between those services on an ongoing basis. FoxWeave makes that simple, eliminating hand-coding.

But are these services just standalone for you, or do they intersect with the application or service you are building, updating and delivering? Of course, they intersect with your app! When people use your app, you're storing information in MySQL or Mongo, you're updating your Salesforce system with a new prospect and you're provisioning new account data in ZenDesk. This data flows through your app and weaves together with your application logic as you map it to the specifics of each service. This kind of "appcentric integration" is the new normal. It needs to be lightweight and developer-friendly. Connectors need to be part of an open ecosystem that you can use, extend and easily add to. That's what the combination of the CloudBees PaaS and FoxWeave is about, and that's why we're so excited about it. In keeping with our runtime services (RUN@cloud) and development time services (DEV@cloud), we're calling the CloudBees integration service WEAVE@cloud.

Application running on CloudBees

As of today, you can use WEAVE@cloud for free as we finalize some of the integration of the FoxWeave product within CloudBees. You'll still see the FoxWeave name on the console for a while, too, but you can just subscribe to use the service using your standard CloudBees account. Existing FoxWeave customers just need to sign up for a CloudBees account to have any existing integrations migrated.

Today WEAVE@cloud already provides 20 pre-built connectors to various databases and services. Many of those databases and services are also already available on CloudBees. For those CloudBees-hosted or integrated partner services, you will soon just be a click away from data migration and synchronization, as we complete the lower-level integration with CloudBees behind the scenes. Then, beyond the general WebHook capability that exists today, you'll see us ramp up the ease with which you can re-use these integrations within your application. We'll keep you posted along the way and provide details on the CloudBees developer site. We've talked with enough CloudBees and FoxWeave customers to be confident that this combination will make tedious data integration problems simpler, open up new ways to offer better service to your own customers and help you stay better connected to the many hosted services in the cloud today. Please spend a few minutes to get an overview in this video, check out our Steven Harris

Steven Harris is senior vice president of products at CloudBees. Follow Steve on Twitter.

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