Organizing Jobs with Views Instead of Folders - Just Like My Grandma!

Written by: Harpreet Singh
So you use views in Jenkins in to organize jobs. And you have pages and pages of views on your Jenkins dashboard separating jobs. Maybe you are an old-school kind of fella who likes to sweat it out or you are like my gammy (who is a bit behind on technology).
using views to organize jobs meme
For everyone else, there is the Folders plugin from CloudBees. The Folders plugin allows you to create folders (duh) - nested folders (to be precise). Add jobs to those folders - jobs are namespace aware (so Job A in Folder A is different than Job A in Folder B) - not doable with views and a major pain for admins everywhere. 
CloudBees Folders plugin
Folders themselves can have views - so it's all goodness all around. 
If you are a power user, set roles-based permissions on folders (use CloudBees Roles-Based Access Control plugin). For example: a folder called "project gammy" has the role "family" accessing jobs in it.
And did I mention the plugin is free - available from the Jenkins Update Center (search for "CloudBees Free Enterprise plugins") so gammy can use the dollars saved to buy some drugs (the legal ones I mean).

Over the next few days - I will blog about other Enterprise plugins given away for free from CloudBees. If you are impatient for more details -  click here .

PPS: We have fixed the issue mentioned below. 

PS: We have found an issue with the licensing component (the one that gets you a free login on CloudBees) with Jenkins 1.474. We are looking into a fix, earlier versions should work fine.

Harpreet Singh  Senior Director CloudBees

Harpreet Singh

Senior Director, Product Management


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