Not our typical customer visit

Written by: Electric Bee

Yesterday was an interesting day at CloudBees Headquarters. We hosted a delegation from one of the 100 largest companies in the world , who visited our office in Sunnyvale with 25 or so CTO’s, CIO’s and key technical stakeholders from various divisions across the company, all interested in learning more about our Development Cloud story .
As a sidenote we felt quite special when learning that this delegation’s dense two-day Silicon Valley agenda included visits to three companies – one of the largest and most sought-after Internet companies in the world, one of the world’s largest connectivity and networking technology providers, and CloudBees!
Like pretty much everyone else these days, this large enterprise have realized that success with product development in the digitalized world heavily depends on software in all aspects of the product lifecycle. In order for them to stay competitive and become more efficient, a corporate initiative and collaborative work to analyze the pros and cons how software is being developed across the company has been prioritized.
As an existing successful customer of CloudBees where use of our technology by some groups in the company has enabled dramatic process improvements such as introduction of rapid automated software feedback loops (original process runtimes of 6 hours reduced down to 10 minutes => 36x or 97 acceleration! ) yielding an increased bandwidth to perform more QA (600 000 hours of additional automated test time since CloudBees deployment ). After the team that implemented these process improvements leveraged by our technology had won an internal “Process Engineering Award”, it became natural to explore and expose in more detail the cool solutions and benefits this company called CloudBees provides to so many customers around the world .
Along with some of our most interesting Development Cloud customer case references, we found that our own story of how we enable Development Clouds by automating and accelerating any development process involving any compute resource, external tool, role or workitem resonated very well. Going forward, it will be very interesting to continue our strive for success with this company (and many others) in helping them enable and realize their Development Cloud.

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