node.js on cloudbees - quick refresher

Written by: Michael Neale

For some time you have been able to run node.js on CloudBees - now however it has been simplified for people who are deploying directly (vs using a ClickStart and Git-push based deployment):

bees app:deploy -t nodejs

-> is all you need (once you have the Bees SDK installed) - this expects a zip file of the node.js app directory - with the package.json at the root.

This works as we have made the "nodejs" stack point to the current stable node.js version.

Specifically, this maps to a clickstack url (so you don't have to) depending on the region you are deploying in:

US ->
EU ->

You can of course use -R PLUGIN.SRC.nodejs=(one of the above) if you want to be explicit, and the clickstarts are of course still the easiest way to get going for a brand new project.

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