New Community Plugin: Download an Entire Artifact in ElectricCommander

Written by: Electric bee
An Artifact in ElectricCommander and CloudBees Flow may contain multiple folders or files. Currently, users can only download a single file at a time. This new community plugin (available on our GitHub repository ) enables users to easily download an entire Artifact, or multiple files or folders within an Artifact. To try it out:
  1. Download the plugin from our Community repository on GitHub.
  2. Install into ElectricCommander Server from “Administration > Plugins > Plugin Manager > Install from File/URL”.
  3. Promote the plugin in the “Administration > Plugins > Plugin Manager > Current Installed ” tab.
  4. Open the plugin page from the browser: https://{{YOURECSERVER}} /commander/pages/ArtifactMultifileDownload/ArtifactMultifileDownload_run
  5. In ElectricCommander, you should see the below screen: artifact-download-plugin-ui
  6. Now you can select the Artifact, Version and Repository, and then select the folders or files to
To see the source code or contribute visit the repository.

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