New CloudBees CodeShip Beta - a Faster, Simpler, Unified Build Page

Written by: Ethan Jones
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Today we’re announcing the start of our beta period for the upcoming release of our new build page - for both CloudBees CodeShip Basic and Pro customers! This page is built from the ground up, powered by new backend services and is faster than ever before - as well as easier to use and smarter than ever.

Up until now, CodeShip Basic and Pro users have had very different build page experiences. That’s no longer the case. Starting with this update, the build page is identical for both teams.

The page will roll out to everyone later on, for now, we are excited to let everyone opt-in and provide feedback along the way.

Changes and differences

The build page isn’t just faster, it also works a bit differently. If you’re a CodeShip Basic user, it’s going to be quite a change. While less so for CodeShip Pro users, there are some differences to note there as well. We’ll take a look at each.

For CodeShip Basic

CodeShip Basic users will see a very different build page! Everything has been moved around and improved on.

The goal of this new layout is to maximize access to your project’s logs. Instead one a single vertical view, we now use a collapsible left column to make toggling between steps easier while focusing more of the screen on the logs themselves.

See below for a quick overview of some of the new functionality, including grouped steps, follow logs, linking to a specific log line and a full-screen mode.

Notice that common actions, such as restarting steps, are now found on the sidebar. Similarly, your deployments are now grouped together - as are all other parallel step groups) - and collapsed by default if successful. You can click to expand any group step to see the individual steps within it.

To help accommodate watching a build as the logs come in, you’ll see a new “Follow Logs” button near the top right of the logs viewer. With this on, the page will scroll as logs come in. With that button disabled, you can keep the view locked in one place as it scrolls.

One other handy thing to note is that you can click on any specific log line inside of your builds and generate a unique, custom URL to that specific line. This makes sharing errors or interesting findings with your team easier than ever.

For CodeShip Pro

For CodeShip Pro users, the biggest change in how you use the unified build page comes in regards to your services.

Previously, services were buried in a dropdown pill that could easily be confused for a breadcrumb and didn’t pass back status data effectively.

Now, services are represented as a tab near the top of the page, separate from your steps - and the status on the service updates according to whether the service failed to build or not.

You’ll also see our new “Follow Logs” and “Full Screen” icons near the top right of your logs viewer. With the “Follow Logs” button enabled, the page will scroll as logs come in. With that button disabled, you can keep the view locked in one place as it scrolls.

The “Full Screen” button will expand the log viewer to take over more screen space - an ideal setup for complicated logs or larger, dedicated monitors.


We know this is a big change, and we’re not going to stop here. We’ll keep iterating both before and after the beta to make sure the experience is always getting better.

If you’d like to join the beta over the next couple weeks and provide feedback, just let us know - and let us know if you have any feedback after it’s released as well. We’d love to hear it!

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