“Move Fast, With Safety:” Register for CloudBees Connect 2022

Written by: Kara Phelps
3 min read

Where is software delivery headed in 2022 and beyond, and what role will continuous delivery play? How have organizations like yours successfully transitioned to continuous delivery—and how can you take advantage of what they’ve already learned? Can feature flags help pave the way—and if so, how can you avoid the most common pitfalls as you scale?

Join us on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 for a half-day event to gain insight into the future of software development and delivery—broadly, as well as at your own organization. You’ll have an opportunity to attend sessions and workshops to help you accelerate your DevOps maturity. You’ll also be able to network with your like-minded peers—those in similar positions, and those who have walked your path already.

Guest speaker Pete Hodgson, a software delivery consultant who often supports and advises startup engineering teams, will share his story about navigating to a true DevOps culture. Recent times have shown the value of being able to act swiftly in the face of change.

“In the last couple of years, all of our lives have been turned upside down,” Pete says. “I've found myself thinking a lot about resilience—adapting to disruptive change—and whether there are organizational principles we can use to build resilience into our software delivery processes.”

Pete’s session, “How Feature Flags Power Continuous Delivery,” will cover the competitive advantages that continuous delivery brings as well as the technical practices that can help organizations achieve continuous delivery. As the title suggests, it’s no surprise that feature flags—and the ability to decouple deployment from release, which feature flags help make possible—play a significant role.

Who should attend this session? “Anyone interested in accelerating their pace of product delivery,” Pete says. He hopes that attendees will leave with “a practical view into how continuous delivery practices allow teams to move fast, with safety.”

In addition to Pete’s talk, CloudBees Connect will also feature a session on “Accelerating DevOps through Better Feature Flag Management,” which will address the impact of feature flags on various use cases across continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). You can expect to better understand when you can expect to see concrete results from your feature flag implementation, as well as important cultural considerations.

Finally, you will also be able to attend a workshop on how CloudBees CI and CloudBees Feature Management can work together to improve your software delivery pipelines. You’ll explore hands-on examples and learn how these tools can help your developer teams reduce toil and spend more time coding.

Want to learn more about how your team can accelerate software delivery and reach the next level of DevOps maturity?

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