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Customers are a funny lot. No matter what you give them, they always demand more (and to do more with less): more options, more platforms, less time to build, less hardware needed, etc. We don’t mind because, at the end of the day, they just want to release better software faster.

Here are some of the latest examples of more/less requests from customers:

“We’d like to build faster on Amazon with CloudBees Accelerator while keeping my cloud expenses in check.”

“We want to use CloudBees Accelerator and containers to build every platform I need to support.”

“We want to eliminate re-work and go even faster with CloudBees Accelerator.”

“We would like to try Accelerator for free before we buy it.”

“We’d like to improve productivity by speeding up builds leveraging idle CPU’s on developer workstations.”

We listened and are happy to announce that CloudBees Accelerator version 10, is now available, and it does a lot more, and does more with less. We’ve greatly expanded support for clouds and containers. We’ve made JobCache more efficient and faster . Since extra resources are always a challenge for small teams we’ve eliminated the need for a dedicated server farm. And that’s just for starters. CloudBees Accelerator dashboard showing agent usage and total developer hours saved since it was installed.

Here are just some of the highlights of the new release:

1.Migrate Build Clouds to Amazon EC2

Now with built-in AWS support, migrating build clouds to Amazon EC2 becomes easy, as does dealing with bursty loads. We’re introducing native integration for dynamically provisioning and tearing down CloudBees Accelerator agents using Amazon EC2 resources configured in the Cluster Manager. Automatically tearing down those instances eliminates surprise cloud charges caused by “zombie” instances that are always on and always chargeable even if no one is using them anymore.

2.Containers in the Development Process

Containers are typically thought of in terms of deployment but they can have a role in development, too. They provide better performance compared to virtualized infrastructure as well as overcome latency issues but had the challenge of high startup costs and the need to create VMs for each distro. Now you can run all CloudBees Accelerator components, including the Cluster Manager, eMake, and agent components, in all types of Docker containers. You can run builds across a plethora of platforms without having to stand up a VM pool for each Linux distro. Instead, you can spin up containers for each Linux distro - and dispose of them once the build is completed – to speed up builds and make more efficient use of available hardware.

3.Accelerate Faster with JobCache

We’ve added several performance enhancements to JobCache that improve full build times by 10-50%. Like gas mileage, your results may vary depending on the proportion of cacheable work in the build.

4.CloudBees Accelerator for Teams

In addition to adding more features, speed, and platform support, we’ve made it easy for small teams to use CloudBees Accelerator. Now teams can speed builds and tests by pooling their desktops and laptops to form a virtual super computer. This also eliminates having to rely on IT to setup dedicated servers.

5.Accelerate on More Platforms and Operating Systems

CloudBees Accelerator now supports the latest version of Android Oreo with a simpler build procedure. Plus, we’ve extended eMake support of the Ninja build system to Windows platforms. CloudBees Accelerator also now supports more RHEL and Ubuntu Linux platforms.


Free is the ultimate in ‘doing more with less.’ Now you can download and try CloudBees Accelerator yourself, free, for 30 days. You can use it with up to 4 concurrent users/builds and up to 48 shared cores. Download Free Trial

Learn more about CloudBees Accelerator or request an Enterprise Trial License

For More Information: See the CloudBees Accelerator 10.0 Release Notes.

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