More love for play framework - newrelic support and plugin deployment

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read

Recently Newrelic announced support for Play2 - this means that the Newrelic monitoring is now aware of what is going on in play - in the past it was a bit opaque as Play doesn't necessarily follow the servlet api.

This is great news for production deployments of play - Newrelic saves a lot of hassle in finding bottlenecks in production deployments, and you can of course use it on CloudBees (Newrelic provides a free version for CloudBees apps)

Also, it is a good time to note that there is a plugin for easy deployment to CloudBees directly from the play command line - install this plugin into your project - and deploying is as simple as:

play cloudbees-deploy

This takes care of the production packaging and uploading of your Play app - directly. Thanks to Ivan the head of CloudBees New Zealand for providing this plugin!

Read up on the play plugin here.

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