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Written by: Electric Bee

Ran across another article about DevOps. Phil Odence talks about how Development and Operations teams are cozying up and how open source plays in the DevOps world. What I found more interesting was the discussion in comments about who really coined the term DevOps. It reminded me of a similar discussion on who coined the term "cloud computing". Perhaps this a valid barometer for new trends... when we start to fight over ownership of the name then the trend is worth fighting for! I'm sure someone will come up with examples to shoot this down but I thought the similarity was interesting. The next step in the maturity model is to start passionate debates over what DevOps really entails like we saw with cloud computing. Then DevOps has crossed the chasm. Seriously though, we are seeing a lot of real DevOps driven projects in our business. Whatever you call it, the trend is real from our point of view.

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