Monitoring Jenkins in Eclipse

Written by: Harpreet Singh
1 min read

A few months ago, we released the CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse. The Toolkit made it's way into the Eclipse Marketplace yesterday. Eclipse users can find the toolkit through the Eclipse Market client and install it from within the IDE.

One feature that we should have highlighted more than we do is the capability of the toolkit to monitor jobs in on-premise Jenkins (or for that matter any Jenkins whose URL is accessible) from within the IDE, of course. Folks who are interested in just on-premise Jenkins can use it for free (no registration required as well). Folks who wish to move to Jenkins in the cloud will have to register with CloudBees services and then monitor, deploy from within the IDE.

Developers can monitor the disasters they are wreaking on their builds from within the IDE. Fix the disasters knowing that they caught it before management could see it and then mingle around with pointy-hair nonchalance. "Broken build? What broken build? I fixed that ages ago." ;-)

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- Harpreet Singh, Senior Director of Product Management


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