Microservices Practitioner Virtual Summit

Written by: Hannah Inman

CloudBees is proud to sponsor the second annual Microservices Practitioner Virtual Summit, July 24 – July 27 , hosted by Datawire.

This year, Matt Klein (of Lyft Envoy fame) will be giving a new talk on deploying service meshes. Paul MacKay from Ancestry will talk about their journey towards microservices, containerization and Kubernetes. Lauri Apple from Zalando will talk about managing Git repositories at scale. These are but a few of the amazing speakers and topics to be presented at the Summit!

Datawire is also experimenting with a different format, with one or two talks every day for four days. They figured it’s hard to sit and watch something online for eight straight hours, unless you’re binge watching something super exciting (like Season 7 of the Game of Thrones!) on HBO.

We hope you enjoy this virtual event!

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