Meet Our Mentees from the SheCodeAfrica Contributhon

Written by: Mark Waite
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The SheCodeAfrica Contributhon started on April 1, 2021. A version of this blog post originally appeared on

The SheCodeAfrica Contributhon has kicked off and everyone is learning a lot and haveing a great time.

This boot camp pairs African women with open source organizations on selected, paid projects with dedicated mentors to teach them new development skills. This program aims to create a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative culture within the African open source ecosystem by matching African women in technology with sponsor and mentor open source organizations. The five mentees joining the Jenkins project come from Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda.

The Jenkins project has been accepted as a Contributhon mentoring organization. The project idea , sponsored by CloudBees, will introduce mentees to Jenkins and plugin development as they create Pipeline examples and create Pipeline help for Jenkins Pipeline plugins.

Twice weekly mentoring sessions led by CloudBees employees are scheduled with the mentees. We’ve already received the first pull request to improve the embedded documentation that generates the Steps Reference and provides contextual help in the Snippet Generator. We’re looking forward to more pull requests and more improvements throughout the coming weeks. We’d like to introduce our mentees so that you recognize them and can welcome them during code review and online chat.

Onyinye Ezike

Onyinye is based in Lagos, Nigeria. She’s a junior fullstack software developer who is very passionate about learning. She uses Angular, React, Nodejs, and Spring Boot. She has spent the last two years building up herself in software development and she’s hoping to become a world-class software developer.

You’ll recognize her contributions as Onyimatics on GitHub and on the Jenkins issue tracker.

Sharon Jebitok

Sharon is based in Kenya. She’s a software development student at Microverse, a remote school for software developers. She has been an active member of She Code Africa and she’s presently a mentee on She Code Africa’s Contributhon Program with the Jenkins project. She has spent one year in the software industry since she switched her career into tech, learning to write meaningful code and collaborate with other developers/designers and the tech community.

You’ll recognize her contributions as jebitok-dev on GitHub and as jebitok16_ on the Jenkins issue tracker.

Esther Ejidike

Esther is a frontend developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is one of the participants in the She Code Africa Contributhon Open Source Program working with Jenkins and will be contributing to the nodes and processes plugin. She loves to convert designs to exact replicas in the form of webpages and she likes to learn new things in her free time.

You’ll recognize her contributions as Queen-esther01 on GitHub and as esther101 on the Jenkins issue tracker.

Cynthia Iradukunda

Cynthia Iradukunda is based in Kigali, Rwanda. She is currently a junior Computing student at the African Leadership University (ALU) in Mauritius. She wants to be a software engineer because it will help her solve real-world problems while also allowing her to use her coding skills. Her coding skills include but not limited to Java, JavaScript, and attention to detail. By contributing to the Git plugin, she hopes to help users have a smooth process using its documentation, get involved with the project, and connect with other community members.

You’ll recognize her contributions as ciradu2204 on GitHub and as ciradu2204 on the Jenkins issue tracker.

Lucy Karimi

Lucy is based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a software developer with experience in mobile app development. She is very passionate about tech and is currently involved in the SheCodeAfrica Contributhon.

You’ll recognize her contributions as luciahroyalty101 on GitHub and as luciahroyalty101 on the Jenkins issue tracker.


We’re very grateful to the mentors from the CloudBees employees hat are hosting mentoring sessions, reviewing pull requests and encouraging the mentees. Thanks to:

We also thank Zainab Abubakar of SheCodeAfrica for her efforts to facilitate the Contributhon and encourage participation.

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