"Measure twice—cut once": The benefits of test-driven development

Written by: Electric Bee

Automated software testing continues to play a vital role in enterprise software delivery and the speed with which software-driven organizations can begin to produce value. You want to ensure quality software, alongside fast time to market. How do you balance the need for speed with the need to test everything to deliver high-quality software to the end user? It becomes obvious that there's no "one size fits all" in DevOps in general, and in software testing in particular. Organizations need to develop the patterns and processes that make the most sense for their teams and their business. For some, test-driven development (TDD) may prove an effective practice to promote both product quality and faster delivery time. In his latest article for TechBeacon, CloudBees's CTO, Anders Wallgren, discusses the pros and cons of TDD, some of the hurdles and the mindset shift that's required from developers who are willing to take the plunge, and - ultimately - the payoff. Read the full article »

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