Make your own Runtime in 10 minutes or less - the quick stack click stack

(Dr Seuss?)

Previously the tools were introduced to bring your own runtime (your own ClickStack) - in this episode, I will take you through cloning an existing stack (a node.js runtime) - publishing it to the cloudbees repo, and then finally deploying a hello world app using your “new” app server.

here is a quick whip through of how you can get started:

  1. $ git clone
  2. $ cd node-clickstack
  3. $ make publish
  4. $ bees app:deploy -a youraccount/appname -t x -RPLUGIN.SRC.x=(url from step3)
And you are done. You have deployed a node.js app with “your own” container. You will have to have a cloudbees account and the bees SDK setup for this to work - of course.

Step 1 through 3 was copying and publishing your stack, step 4 was deploying the “” which was (in this case) a sample app in the repo you cloned.

(well, fine, it was already working, but between step 2 and 3 you could have made some changes ! you slacker !). 
What next? take a look in the repo you cloned the setup script in particular. 
How does it work? magic.
Well not magic, but if you read the link above, more details are provided.