Lose It! CEO Charles Teague Extols Value of PaaS

Written by: Heidi Gilmore

Charles Teague and J.J. Allaire of FitNow Inc. needed to take their iPhone app to the next level but were stymied by limited staff and capital. By embracing the Platform as a Service cloud computing platform, they upgraded their smartphone app and increased not only their ROI but also the success rate for their customers.”

This is an excellent article that illustrates the value of using a PaaS for application deployment. Teague specifically speaks to greater uptime, less maintenance of infrastructure, and being able to run a company with a lean IT staff.

“While Teague hasn't crunched the numbers, he has avoided hiring a full-time systems admin to support what would be equivalent to 25 in-house servers.”

Read more about Lose It and the benefits they have derived from RUN@cloud in this compelling SearchCIO article, authored by Christina Torode :
PaaS cloud computing platform turns mobile app into Web business



Charles Teague, CEO, Lose It



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