Learn How a Jenkins Support Bundle Keeps Instances Healthy

Written by: Arnaud Héritier
2 min read
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When I joined the CloudBees support team three years ago, it was after managing a large variety of instances myself. Even though I was trying to follow the community best practices as much as possible, I was regularly hacking or writing various Groovy scripts to understand why my instances had an unexpected behavior!

  • Why are some screens taking so long to load?

  • Why are my builds taking so much time to be scheduled on an agent?

  • Why did my instance crash ?!!!

And then my support teammates showed me the light!! In 2013,CloudBees gave the Jenkins community the Support Core plugin , which is now available to any Jenkins administrator. This plugin allows you to generate a bundle that our team uses every day to diagnose a lot of complex issues.

If you’re interested in understanding what a support bundle contains and how it can help you to keep your Jenkins instances be healthy, be sure not to miss my talk “My friend, the support bundle” at DevOps World | Jenkins World in Nice, France . In this session we’ll explore a support bundle and we’ll see how each element can be used to better understand the behavior of your instance. We'll also look at which best practices you should follow to fix the most common issues we see within the CloudBees support team.

To make all your instances sane and happy, join me in Nice and get 20% off your ticket using code JWAHERITIER . Hope to see you there!

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