Learn All About Tekton at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

Written by: Tracy Miranda

Jenkins adoption session at DevOps World Jenkins World 2019The Tekton project provides a set of shared, open-source components for building CI/CD systems. Tekton started off life as part of the Knative project but has since forged its own identity and is one of the founding projects of the CD.Foundation (CDF). Within the CDF’s open, vendor-neutral structure, Tekton’s goal is to provide industry specifications for CI/CD pipelines, workflows and other building blocks.

Tekton is a fairly new project but one that is gaining adoption rapidly. It is being used by other projects such as Jenkins X and TriggerMesh. Additionally, companies such as CloudBees, Google, IBM and Alibaba are all usingand contributing to it.

The Tekton project will have a significant presence at DevOps World | Jenkins World conference in San Francisco and there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about Tekton, see how others are using it and meet community members.

Tekton Contributor Summit

Before the main conference, on Monday, Aug. 12, there will be a Tekton Contributor Summit. This is a free event open to Tekton contributors and those interested in being contributors. Read more and sign up on the Tekton Summit event page . Scott Seaward, Kim Lewandowski and Andrew Bayer will be key community members on hand at the summit.

Tekton Workshop

The first-ever ‘Introduction to Tekton Pipelines’ workshop will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 13. In this two hour workshop, Vic Iglesias of Google will help attendees explore what Tekton Pipelines offers by first learning about its design and then putting it to use with some example pipelines. The workshop is free for conference attendees.

Tekton at DevOps World | Jenkins World

The main conference will also, for the first time, feature many sessions where you can hear more about Tekton, including as part of the keynote where Tara Hernandez of Google will speak about it as being part of the CD.Foundation

Other sessions that will feature Tekton include:

Additionally, the conference will host a Jenkins X & Tekton Open Space on Thursday. The Open Space is a place and time for the cloud-native CI/CD community to gather and learn and share with each other. While we have many great speakers and topics at the conference, we know no format will be perfect. Open spaces allow attendees to choose the subjects that matter most to them and share with each other. It is a space for the community to connect with each other, to share their concerns, their experiences and build community around topics people are passionate about.

If you haven’t registered yet for the conference, there’s still time. Use discount code PREVIEW to register for only $799. Register here .

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Tekton is a fast-growing technology and DevOps World | Jenkins World presents a great opportunity to get up to speed quickly and meet the community. We hope you can join us there.

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