Kubernetes to be a Hot Topic at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

Written by: Brian Nash

DevOps World Jenkins World 2019 Kubernetes sessionsKubernetes has grown by leaps and bounds and is fast becoming a must-have for any DevOps organization. It should be no surprise that Kubernetes is a hot topic at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019, featuring sessions from industry leaders at Microsoft, Snyk, and Manifold, as well as CloudBees’ own expert bees. Check out a sample of these sessions below and if you are already registered, add these to your schedule. If you aren’t registered and Kubernetes is critical for your operation, it sounds like you need to attend! Register here !

From Zero to DevOps Superhero: The Container Edition

Microservices can be hard; understanding container best practices can be hard as those practices are still being discovered. This session aids in minimizing the learning curve with container orchestration, specifically Kubernetes, by bringing DevOps best practices into the mix. You will walk away from this session with a deeper understanding of this area, as well as some hands-on material to help you get started.

Jessica Deen - Microsoft - Cloud Advocate

Cloud Native CI/CD with Jenkins X and Tekton

This session will explain the CI/CD challenges in a cloud native landscape, and show how Jenkins X rises to them by leveraging open source cloud-native technologies like Tekton. It will also describe how the Jenkins X project has evolved on its own cloud native journey and the benefits we gain by using the cloud.

James Rawlings - CloudBees - Engineering

Securing Containers by Breaking in

Attendees of this session will get to watch some live hacking of Kubernetes! We'll explain the security concern of each layer in the container stack by actually exploiting each layer so that you can better understand the security mistakes you can make, their implications and how you can avoid them.

Simon Maple - Snyk - Director of Developer Relations

Your Cluster Should Run Your cluster: Using Kubernetes Operators to Make Self-service a Reality

In this talk, we’ll look at how Manifold architected its infrastructure so that its teams can self-service their needs. We’ll go over elementary concepts like IAM permissions and Terraform configuration. We’ll end with how we got to full self-service with Kubernetes Operators and Custom Resource Definitions which are bundled with our application configuration.

Jelmer Snoeck - Manifold - SRE Lead

DevSecOps - Balancing agility, stability and security in a continuous software business

In this session, we will discuss practical ways to manage security, performance and delegation of the capability to engineering teams in fast-moving continuous delivery environments.

In this presentation, we also discuss the technical approaches we’ve taken, the challenges of SOC2 compliance vs DevOps, and the real-world implementation of platforms / tools such as Terraform, AWS GuardDuty, Kubernetes, Vault, DataDog and others.

Ben Walding - CloudBees - IT Operations Manager

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