A Conversation on Data-Driven Decision Making with Jordan Tigani of SingleStore

Written by: Kiley Nichols
2 min read

In episode 89 of DevOps Radio, listeners hear from Jordan Tigani, the chief product officer of SingleStore, as he and Host Brian Dawson explore the human elements of DevOps and the important data plays in solving the right problems.

The podcast opens with a discussion on the role of data and the ways its use has evolved over the years.

Traditionally, reporting looked back at data from yesterday or even a week prior, meaning that any trends or issues revealed were found slowly and lacked context. Today, real-time data allows you to understand what is happening now versus in the past and gives you the ability to ask questions and drill down for answers. These answers can translate into a competitive advantage.

“If your competitors are looking at data that's a day old, they're reacting things with the granularity in days, said Tigani. “If you can look at things that are happening right now you can react to those things before they take advantage of it.”

As many disparate data source are combined and new issues are flagged, what is often missing is context. Robust data from several sources can provide the context of an issue and help determine a fix.

“If you have rapid access to a single store of this information. you can rapidly investigate different relationships you're enabled,” said Dawson. “I can better solve a problem if I have access to the context of the problem, and I heard a bit of that in what you're saying, which robust data can provide.”

For more on the conversation, listen to episode 89 of DevOps Radio.

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