Join the Jenkins World Sticker Competition!

Written by: Hannah Inman

We’re thrilled to announce our first Jenkins Butler design contest! Design a unique version of the Jenkins Butler and submit it before September 9, 2016 . Voting will take place at Jenkins World, at the sticker exchange booth hosted by Sticker Mule.

We partnered with Sticker Mule, so the winner who produces the winning design will get a $100 credit on to turn their designs into die cut custom stickers.

Please see how to enter and the rules for the competition below. If you have any questions, please contact us: .

How to enter:

Entering the competition is easy. Just submit your design (ensuring the rules have been followed) and send it to before September 9, 2016 .


  • One design per person

  • Must include the Jenkins Butler

  • Design would need to be sketched, drawn, digitally drawn including dimensions

  • The reason behind your design

  • All entries must be submitted before September 9, 2016

  • The design must be original (not been previously created, not copyrighted, etc.)

Good luck!

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