Jenkins with Support for Continuous Delivery with Peace of Mind

Written by: Bhavani Rao
3 min read

Are you searching for the fastest and easiest way to get started with using Jenkins as your continuous delivery platform? Jenkins is the #1 continuous delivery platform in the market because it connects with nearly every tool used by DevOps teams. With millions of users, a new plugin or integration is introduced every 2-3 days. This pace of innovation can help your team automate every application delivery pipeline task - that’s just downright awesome!

With more than 1,300 plugins, choosing which plugins will work for your particular need is a time-consuming project in and of itself. In some cases, there are multiple integrations with similar functionality and/or dependencies with other plugins.

Without some serious research, your team may face the risk of delivery delays and outages due to instabilities caused by incompatible plugins and regressions. How can you take advantage of all the great innovations from the open source community if Jenkins is unstable after the upgrade? And who do you go to when something goes wrong? Safeguarding against these risks by identifying stable releases, suitable plugins and proven best practices takes away from doing what your team does best - delivering quality software faster.

This is why we are excited to announce - CloudBees Jenkins Team . With this continuous delivery solution, CloudBees curates an expanding set of plugins and ensures that they and the Jenkins core are enterprise-grade and play well together for trouble-free upgrades. By doing so, CloudBees minimizes business risks and eliminates downtime.This solution is backed by Jenkins technical expertise, available 24/7 through support, training and knowledge resources. This is the Jenkins you love with the support and guidance you need!

CloudBees Jenkins Team has three major components: a rock-solid CloudBees Jenkins distribution, CloudBees Assurance Program and 24/7 expert technical support. The monthly Jenkins distribution consists of the top open source plugins and a recent Jenkins core, verified to ensure stability, eliminating the fear of crashes. Upgrades are easy with the one-click upgrade feature, which makes upgrading... surprisingly boring for a change. You get the latest innovations in Jenkins without stability or upgradeability concerns.

CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) is the "engine under the hood" of CloudBees Jenkins Team. This is a rigorous vetting process, staffed by 30+ engineers, conducting hundreds of hours of testing on the Jenkins core and open source plugins. Every month, this team delivers a growing list of verified integrations and a recommended configuration. The benefit is that you can avoid being overwhelmed by thousands of plugins to choose from by choosing only those that you need to work reliably with your favorite DevOps tools.

Our legendary support organization rounds out the solution by providing you with direct access to Jenkins technical experts and a wealth of resources. Get the help you need, anytime of day and in any time zone. In addition to engineer-to-engineer support, we ensure your success with a named Customer Success Manager, who can help get your team on-boarded and make sure you get the most from your subscription. Support includes free self-paced Jenkins training, which can help drive adoption of CD within your organization. And you can always get your questions answered through CloudBees Network, an online portal to engage with users, find best practices and documentation.

We invite you to get started with a free 14-day trial license for CloudBees Jenkins Team. Get the best of both worlds, all the innovation of Jenkins and stable, reliable releases that let you tap into the vast Jenkins ecosystem. Finally...continuous delivery with peace of mind.

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