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Written by: Electric Bee

Introducing the CloudBees Flow DevOps Insight CI Dashboard

You know CloudBees Flow is a market-leading Application Release Orchestration solution, but it also happens to be a highly capable Continuous Integration engine as well. Companies like Huawei, Samsung, GM and Cisco use CloudBees Flow’s orchestration and automation capability to safely and reliably drive hundreds of thousands of CI cycles per day.
These CI customers rely on CloudBees Flow to provide them with a rich variety of information about the health of their builds and tests using our out-of-the-box CI reports.
However, many of our customers use CloudBees Flow’s Application Release Orchestration functionality in conjunction with an external CI system such as Jenkins for build automation. This makes visibility into the CI process more difficult, as up until now Jenkins users have not had a CI dashboard available to them from within CloudBees Flow, and determining CI process efficiency was a time-consuming challenge.

Today, we are pleased to announce our DevOps Insight CI Dashboard for Continuous Integration metrics. This new out-of-the box capability allows CloudBees Flow users to shift their visibility left – from release to "commit" pipelines – to help them understand the key metrics that matter for them on the CI side – regardless of whether or not they use CloudBees Flow, Jenkins or any other CI tool for build automation!
As the name implies, the new CI Dashboard is built on top of our DevOps Insight Server - a powerful, integrated reporting engine based on LogStash and ElasticSearch. We’ve added new objects to the CloudBees Flow DevOps Insight Reporting object model to help track and analyze Build processes, failures, and successes. And because it’s built on DevOps Insight, customers take advantage of automatic data collection from CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Git, and extensibility to integrate with any other tools as required.
Out of the box widgets in the DevOps Insight CI Dashboard highlight key information, such as:

  • The number of builds per day broken down by outcome success/failure

  • Average build duration over a period of time

  • Total number of builds today, in the last 7 days and 15 days

  • Last 10 builds with outcome and drill down to the build details

  • Top 10 longest running builds

  • Commits per day over time

  • Number of commits - today, 7 days, 14 days

  • Top 10 Code repositories with highest file changes by type of change

  • Top 10 developers with highest commits

  • Top 10 developers with highest file changes

And, all of these metrics (and more) can be filtered by time, project and tags.
If you’d like to know more, stop by and see us at JenkinsWorld booth #111 to see what you’ve been missing!

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