Jenkins: The Safe and Sensible Choice for CI

Written by: Steve Harris
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With the success of the Jenkins User Conference that Sacha spoke about in his blog of last week , we thought it would be useful to document some key measures of Jenkins success and momentum, along with the great things that are happening in the community. In less than one year, the community has seen that 85% of existing Hudson users move to Jenkins when they upgrade; set up a governing board; instituted formal governance and process standards; provided transparency for its operations; developed more than 40 new plugins for Jenkins...and the list goes on.

It all adds up to the fact that Jenkins is where the community is - they are committed and enthusiastic. All of these factors demonstrate that Jenkins is the safe and sensible choice for your continuous integration (CI) investment. We pulled all the information about the Jenkins progress and community momentum into one place and hope you'll take the time to read the full whitepaper for the details. Here is a sampling from the whitepaper of how Jenkins and Hudson stack up.

Jenkins vs. Hudson -Ticket Activity

The numbers really speak for themselves.

We have also noticed that as Jenkins gets stronger and Hudson gets closer to emerging from incubator status at Eclipse, Oracle seems to be raising the volume on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about Jenkins. To head off the FUD they will likely continue to push, we also outlined the way the Jenkins community has improved its processes and governance to provide a stronger foundation for protecting your investment and your rights to use and distribute Jenkins. It's all there in the whitepaper .

CI with Jenkins is going strong, and the community continues to accelerate the pace of innovation and improvement within the Jenkins CI platform. The Jenkins butler has served up a lot of builds and is stronger than ever!

- Steve Harris, Senior VP of Products

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