Jenkins FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - What is Everyone Else Doing?

Written by: Karen Taggart
3 min read

I will admit it, I am a fan of cheesy motivational quotes. While I don’t have any sunrise posters in my home office, I do admit to having a dashboard that gives me a daily swift kick in the pants and sharing these frequently with co-workers.

A quote I often go back to is:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

-- Eleanor Roosevelt

Putting that into DevOps velocity, it’s probably more like do one hundred things every day that scare you. With the rate of change, it’s impossible for any one of us to be an absolute expert on everything Jenkins, let alone everything DevOps. Just by the nature of the problems we are working to solve, we are always missing out on something. That missed item just might be that one thing that would solve our current biggest issue.

Perhaps FOMO, is not the exact right term here, since it implies a sort of needy and negative desire to know everything and be everywhere. Instead, what Alex Taylor, senior developer support engineer, and I will be doing at DevOp s World | Jenkins World 2018 is to synthesize issues and solutions we have seen over the past year working with hundreds of Jenkins users across all types of organizations so that attendees can use that knowledge for themselves.

Specifically, we are going to break down what we have seen in the areas of security, management/administrative burden, increasing user adoption, scalability and resilience. We have designed it to be a quick moving survey of a lot of topics instead of a deep-dive into the technical how-to implement a specific solution, or set of solutions. So if you are feeling pain, having fear, or struggling with anything related to your Jenkins work and are a bit stuck, this is a session for you! OR if you are new to the world of Jenkins and want to get an understanding of types of work people are doing with Jenkins, this is also a session for you! OR if you are already a Jenkins expert and want to know what others are thinking and doing, this is also a session for you!

And please don’t expect Alex and I to always agree! We come at the topic from two distinct perspectives - he being a technical Jenkins expert, and me working with teams to help translate their business needs into tools and maximize Jenkins adoption.

The ultimate goal of the session is for each member of the audience to be able to leave with at least one new, specific tool/idea/method to try in order to move a Jenkins project forward… and hopefully even connect with a new community member who can help keep you from missing out!

Any specific questions or ideas you want Alex and I to try to address? Tweet me @TheCrazyDogLady , and include #JenkinsFOMO.

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