Introducing The CloudBees Rollout PHP SDK

Written by: dgiordano
2 min read

CloudBees Feature Management is excited to announce the latest addition to our supported language library, and it's a big one! PHP is now supported by the CloudBees Feature Management SDK, allowing the millions of web developers using PHP to put their features behind flags and start running gradual rollouts to users. PHP is not a new language by any means, but where we had previously focused on native-mobile feature flagging, PHP had focused on serving desktop and mobile web sites. In fact, nearly 70% of all web traffic touches a website built with PHP, thanks to huge ecosystems like WordPress and Drupal! Other companies, like Facebook and Yahoo, also have embraced PHP and pushed the language forward, making it safer, faster, and more secure. With new frameworks like Symphony and Laravel - using PHP for more complex web applications has become much simpler - leading to a rise of PHP requests in 2019 for an SDK that worked properly with CloudBees Feature Management. And now, if you are one of the millions of web sites or web applications that is running PHP - you can get up and running with CloudBees Feature Management in just a few minutes. If there are any SDKs that you'd like to see added to our library, feel free to contact us and we'll see how quickly we can get it built. Next up on our list of SDKs is C++, so be on the lookout for it this winter! For now, you can check out the new PHP SDK install docs, and start using feature flags and gradual rollouts across all of your PHP applications.

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