Introducing pipeline visualization with CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

Written by: Samantha Frost
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Troubleshooting pipelines just got a lot easier

Swift troubleshooting and effective pipeline management are crucial daily tasks in software development. CloudBees Pipeline Explorer introduces a streamlined approach to debugging, greatly boosting developer efficiency. The newly added pipeline visualization feature, Map, simplifies the debugging process like never before. Discover the advantages this tool provides to Jenkins and CloudBees CI users by making complex tasks more manageable.

The Pain of Pipeline Troubleshooting

Every developer and admin knows the drill: a pipeline fails, and the troubleshooting marathon begins. Complex pipelines, with their intricate web of stages and steps, can make this process daunting. Traditional tools often fail to provide the clarity and efficiency needed, leading to frustrating delays and decreased productivity.

Enter the hero of our story: CloudBees Pipeline Explorer. Designed with the needs of Jenkins and CloudBees Continuous Integration (CI) users in mind, it addresses the core pain points head-on, transforming the troubleshooting experience from a chore into a breeze. The Pipeline Explorer offers two perspectives to diagnose the root cause of unstable builds: the Tree View dependency list and the newly introduced pipeline visualization - Map view. Each option delivers a clear and intuitive pathway to uncover the reasons behind pipeline failures.

A Closer Look at the Pipeline Explorer Map

  • Enhanced Navigation and Visualization

Visualization is worth a thousand log files, or so the saying should go. The Pipeline Explorer Map doesn't just show you where the problem is; it illuminates the path to resolution. With its intuitive map and tree views, users can effortlessly navigate through complex pipelines, zoom in on problem areas, and identify failed stages or steps at a glance.

  • Superior Performance and Scalability

We've all been there—waiting endlessly for a tool to load or, worse, experiencing crashes at the most critical moments. The Pipeline Explorer Map is engineered to eliminate those issues. Its robust performance and scalability ensure that even the most complex pipelines are rendered smoothly and quickly, making it a reliable companion for developers and admins alike.

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Simplicity is the soul of efficiency. The Pipeline Explorer Map boasts an interface that is as powerful as it is easy to use. Whether you are a developer trying to pinpoint an error or an administrator needing a high-level overview of pipeline health, this tool is designed to meet your needs without a steep learning curve.

Why Pipeline Explorer Map Outshines the Competition

In the quest for optimal pipeline management, many have encountered the limitations of existing tools like Blue Ocean. While these tools laid the groundwork, the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Map takes the baton and sprints ahead. Its advanced visualization, faster rendering, and intuitive troubleshooting workflow set a new standard, making it the premier choice for managing complex, parallel, or nested pipelines.

The Voice of the Customer

But don't just take our word for it. Users from various industries, including healthcare, video game retail, and financial services, have praised the Pipeline Explorer Map for its smooth performance, stability, and superior user experience. Comments like "It does work smoother and faster and does not crash like Blue Ocean!" and "Finally! Properly rendered nested parallels - I’m in love!" highlight the transformative impact of this tool.

Beyond Troubleshooting: Empowering Developer Productivity

The Pipeline Explorer Map is more than just a troubleshooting tool—it's a productivity powerhouse. By reducing the time and effort spent on debugging, it frees developers to focus on what they do best: creating high-quality software. This increase in efficiency not only accelerates project timelines but also enhances job satisfaction and fosters a culture of innovation.

Embracing the Future with CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Map

The launch of the Pipeline Explorer Map marks a significant milestone in the evolution of pipeline troubleshooting. Its combination of advanced visualization, performance, and ease of use makes it an indispensable tool for Jenkins and CloudBees CI users. But the journey doesn't end here. As software development continues to evolve, so too will the Pipeline Explorer Map, with ongoing enhancements and new features designed to meet the changing needs of developers and administrators.

Getting Started

The Pipeline Explorer Map is a fully integrated plugin supported by the CloudBees CI team. The plugin is also a part of the CloudBees Assurance Program(CAP), which vets and tests each plugin to ensure there are no issues with security or dependencies in CloudBees CI.  

Interested in seeing this in action?  Reach out to CloudBees for a demo.  

Or if feeling a bit shy - checkout the Getting Started Video below,  Technical Documentation, or take a free course online at CloudBees University to learn all you ever wanted to learn about the Pipeline Explorer and more


We all know in software delivery - time is of the essence, and efficiency is the currency of success, the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Map emerges as a beacon of innovation. By streamlining the troubleshooting process and enhancing visibility for complex pipelines, it not only boosts developer productivity but also redefines what's possible in pipeline management. Welcome to the future of troubleshooting with CloudBees Pipeline Explorer Map—where complexity meets clarity, and challenges transform into opportunities for growth.

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