Introducing CloudBees Cares

Written by: Brian Dawson
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CloudBees Cares is an initiative to support our customers and community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by sharing resources and information from our collective responses. As part of CloudBees Cares, we are offering:

  • Free access to training through CloudBees University

  • Unproctored Jenkins certification exams at home

  • __Free access for six months to our Feature Flag management system for teams creating COVID-19 related solutions__

Follow, engage and let us know how we can help!

We are collectively experiencing unique, jarring and important times. The spread of COVID-19 has impacted families, businesses and communities across the globe and has sadly resulted in the loss of many precious lives.

Even as we struggle to adjust to these new conditions, the silver lining is beginning to shine through...we are better together. Across the globe people are contributing in a myriad of ways to stopping the spread, supporting medical workers and helping those hit the hardest. While most of us shelter-at-home separately, it is still the greater community that is powering our response.

Here at CloudBees, we have long enjoyed a powerful culture of “togetherness” and collaboration. Spread across 17 countries, often connected only by email, video and Slack, the secret sauce has been that culture. In many ways it is rooted in and demonstrated by our participation in the Jenkins community, hundreds of people contribute to an ecosystem of hundreds of integrations to help millions be better at delivering software.

That culture really showed through as the world began to grapple with COVID-19 and we asked ourselves how does it impact our employees, our customers, our partners and friends and how can we contribute? Slack channels spun up, discussions were started and individually and collectively our Bees sprung into action.

While we still do not have all of the answers, it is clear that CloudBees cares. It is important to us that we do our part by providing in every way we can. Accordingly, we will be launching our CloudBees Cares initiative with a series of blogs and related assets covering:

  • What you are doing? (How are our customers helping?)

  • How software is making a difference

  • Resources to support the fight against COVID-19

Please use these resources to assist you in these times, and don’t just follow but engage and tell us how we can help!

In addition, CloudBees is offering:

  • Free training through CloudBees University

    • Upskill on DevOps and Jenkins through our online training courses in CloudBees University, and help your teams and organizations have an impact by delivering better software faster

  • Reduced price on Jenkins Certification Exams

    • Reduced price on Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) exam and the Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE.) Get certified and be part of the movement to build stuff that matters, using CI/CD and modern development practices

  • Free access for six months to Rollout Feature Flag Management for teams creating COVID-19 solutions

    • Release targeted messages to different user segments based on region, activity or other custom attributes. When things are moving fast, use feature flags to derisk without delaying.

It is our belief that we are all better together and our hope that we can support you through CloudBees Cares.

Thank you from all of us in the CloudBees Hive!

Additional Resources for Coping With COVID-19

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