Integrated third party apps on CloudBees - CloudAMQP and BlazeMeter - and how it works

Written by: Michael Neale
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CloudBees integrated services are services provided by other people - but with a tight integration with CloudBees (so usage, billing, config etc - are all tightly integrated - you just press a button to use it - or call a command line!).

This article talks briefly about bringing on board two new ones: one a hosted Load testing service, and the other a AMQP/message bus service.

Further, if you have a service and you would like it to be available to CloudBees users - read on for ideas and what you can do to kick it off.

For everyone else - CloudAMQP and BlazeMeter are on their way!

CloudBees launched our Technology Partner ecosystem back in summer 2011 . Since then we have many partner services integrated into our platform. They cover a wide range of developer needs. We work with partners on a regular basis and guide them to get their services integrated into our Ecosystem. There are more new partners on the way as I speak.

At present we are working with BlazeMeter and CloudAMQP to integrate their services with our platform. BlazeMeter offers application load testing and CloudAMQP offers a Rabbit message queue in the cloud. These services should be available sometime in June. Stay tuned for further detail in a later blog post.

Integrating a partner service involves implementing set of REST APIs that handle creation, update and deletion of subscription and associated resources. This process also involves using an SSO mechanism to display subscription and resource-specific consoles seamlessly.

The following sequence diagram describes the interaction between the end user, CloudBees and a partner service

For those interested, here is the API documentation and a sample provider endpoint on GitHub.

If you would like to be an early user of these Integrated Partner Services, please contact me at vpandey AT

-- Vivek Pandey

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