Integrated App Monitoring and Management from New Relic for RUN@cloud

Written by: Hannah Inman
2 min read

Deploying Java apps on CloudBees' RUN@cloud PaaS for Java? Monitor and manage them with New Relic Bronze. (Bonus: it's free for RUN@cloud users!)

A guest post from John Essex at New Relic Since we started New Relic a couple of years ago, one of the key tenets of our company vision has been to partner with leading PaaS providers to make it easier for them and their customers to gain application-level visibility in the Cloud, and in turn, deploy and maintain high-performance apps. In keeping with that tradition, we are very pleased today to be announcing that we have partnered with CloudBees, a leading platform service provider for Java apps.

CloudBees' RUN@cloud, a Java Platform as a Service that enables developers to deploy instantly on the cloud, now includes integration with New Relic Bronze, an on-demand web performance monitoring solution. Even better, CloudBees is making New Relic Bronze available at no cost to RUN@cloud customers.

Read on to see how to take advantage of FREE New Relic Bronze on RUN@cloud...

The CloudBees platform delivers reliable and elastic on-demand resources, unlimited scalability, "pay-as-you-go" pricing, a seamless transition from development to production, and an IT-free environment that relieves teams of both software and hardware maintenance hassles. It supports Java EE web applications – and applications written in all JVM-based languages – in an IaaS-agnostic environment. RUN@cloud builds on the power of the CloudBees platform to allow developers to deploy Java applications into the cloud. It brings traditional application server functionality to the cloud, providing load balancing, scalability, and high availability for web apps, Java EE apps, and Spring apps. Your team can write software in the same way you always have, using the same tools you would normally use for a traditional Java EE middleware deployment... then deploy instantly on the cloud!

With seamless integration in the RUN@cloud console, enabling New Relic has never been easier. If you are not currently a CloudBees customer, simply sign up and create your account.

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