Inside the Chocolate Wrapper: The Firmware and Software Behind Pepperl+Fuchs Industrial Sensors

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The chocolate caught my eye. How could I miss it? The decadent image was at the top of the page of Pepperl+Fuchs’ magazine, amplify . Who would have thought that the image of ooey, gooey chocolate would help me understand the industrial sensors Pepperl+Fuchs builds and why they are so critical to such a wide range of industries around the world. Even for chocolate. pepperl fuchs

Chocolates come beautifully packaged in countless types of wrappings, conveying a message about the elegant, delectable experience that is about to happen when we peel back the packaging and pop it into our mouth. The process to perfectly, precisely and consistently wrap each and every piece of chocolate with cellophane, parchment or foil, regardless of the color, texture or packaging used, is complex and requires the consistent monitoring of the material feeding process – and that’s when Pepperl+Fuchs’ products work their magic.

Ensuring this level of process precision takes innovative software and firmware developed by Pepperl+Fuchs engineers. To optimize its software development process, Pepperl+Fuchs uses CloudBees Jenkins Platform to increase velocity, automate jobs, centralize administration, improve quality and identify errors faster. What does this mean for a chocolate confections customer? Perfect packaging every time. What does it mean for you and me? Stunningly wrapped chocolates that match the mouth-watering taste.

“CloudBees Jenkins Platform has helped us save quite a bit of time by automating jobs across the company,” says Andreas Daubner, IT administrator at Pepperl+Fuchs. “At the same time, we have centralized the administration of Jenkins, which reduced overhead for our R&D teams and let them focus on development instead of tooling.”

But it’s not just about chocolate packaging. Pepperl+Fuchs industrial sensors are used for mind-boggling applications in just about every imaginable industry under the most demanding conditions: in deserts, on offshore platforms, in chemical and other industrial plants, oil refineries and, yes, even chocolate packaging plants.

For Pepperl+Fuchs, CloudBees Jenkins Platform is one ingredient in it’s formula for success.

To learn more about how Pepperl+Fuchs has improved its software development process, check out our case study . And, if you want to see some chocolate, and maybe have a bite or two from your own candy dish while you read along, take a look at the Pepperl+Fuchs article here .



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