Innovation and Time, How CloudBees Accelerator Gives you Both

Written by: Tim Johnson
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John Cleese - of Monty Python fame - says that two vital components for creativity and innovation are the ability to try lots of things fast and have an environment where you can do just that. In other words, time is the enemy of innovation.

This concept translates directly into product development and is the key to innovation in this rapidly changing digital world. It’s a core tenet of DevOps; innovation happens with rapid iteration and fast feedback.

Java and Python programmers generally don’t have to worry about long build times impeding their creativity or forcing them to switch context while they wait.

However, developers working on devices, embedded systems, or high-speed, transaction-processing applications aren’t as lucky. Android AOSP full builds, which include the OS, middleware, and the application, frequently take three hours or more. C and C++ programmers also see long build times as they struggle with Make-based builds.

Add in unit tests and static code analysis, like MISRA compliance requirements in the automotive industry, and build and test cycles now exceed an entire day.

So much for the ability to try lots of things and an environment in which to do so.

That’s where CloudBees Accelerator comes in. Thanks to intelligent parallelization and patented build caching, Accelerator can shorten those build and test cycles that are bain of Android device and C/C++ developers - usually from many hours down to a few minutes. For instance, Qualcomm saw its 90 minute build times get reduced to under 10 minutes.

Time is no longer the enemy of innovation.

DevOps World | Jenkins World Lisbon

If you are attending DevOps World | Jenkins World in Lisbon, Mohan Dattatreya and I will be giving a presentation entitled “Buying More Time for Innovation” on Dec. 5. We’d love to show you how to keep your developers focused on delivering great new features.

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