InfraDNA and CloudBees Joining Forces

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
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Today we are announcing that InfraDNA and CloudBees are joining forces. As part of this, InfraDNA founder and Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi joins CloudBees. I am very proud to have Kohsuke be part of our team, he is a truly impressive talent - yet a modest person.

InfraDNA and CloudBees customers can now enjoy a single point of contact for on-premise Hudson deployments, cloud-based deployments running on DEV@cloud as well as mixed-scenarios (where some builds or projects can be offloaded on CloudBees DEV@cloud offering – at peak time, for example).

This step further builds our vision of a complete offering, from on-premise to cloud, from development to production.

As the founder of the Hudson project, Kohsuke has always done an impressive job at building and stewarding the Hudson community. As part of CloudBees, Kohsuke will obviously maintain his deep involvement with the Hudson project and keep leading it.

Today, we are also announcing Nectar 1.0, an update of InfraDNA’s Certified Hudson for Continuous Integration (ICHCI) offering, rebranded under the CloudBees umbrella. Nectar makes it easy for enterprises to consume Hudson. With Nectar, enterprises benefit from a stable and well-defined release cycle as well as a fully supported codebase, with backward compatible fixes. Nectar also features plugins that are not available in Hudson, such as a newly released one providing VMware ESXi auto-scale functionality.

If you are a Hudson user and do not want to move to Nectar, no problem. Our support subscription covers both Hudson and Nectar.

Try it out! If you are interested in Nectar 1.0 and DEV@cloud’s Hudson as a Service offering, give it a try. Nectar is available for download from and features a 30-day free trial. DEV@cloud is now entirely free (no subscription, no usage fee, no credit card required) while in beta.


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