How to use Maven Android SDK Deployer

The Maven Android SDK Deployer is a helper maven project that can be used to install the libraries necessary to build Android applications.

  1. Create an Maven Android SDK Deployer Job in your jenkins instance:

  • configure your jenkins instance in order to use mansion plugin.

  • create a new Maven2/3 project

  • use a custom Android SDK installation for this specific case (the pre-installed one at this moment is outdated and would cause the fail of this particular job.

Your configuration should look like:



  • configure the job to build the maven android sdk deployer project on github



  • configure a post-build action to deploy artifacts on your private maven forge repository

2) Use the artifacts deployed on your maven private repository to build your job :

As a result you should find the android.jar and maps.jar and a number of other libraries in your snapshot maven repository.

These files are are accessible to any job in your account since snapshots and release repos are included in default maven settings.

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