How to Use Docker for Development

Written by: Laura Frank Tacho
1 min read

Container tools like Docker and Kubernetes have changed the way many applications are packaged and run, but containers aren’t just for production environments. During the development process, containers help keep dependencies tidy, ensure the application code can run on virtually any machine with minimal setup, and makes it easier to package and share source code.

If you’re interested in how your own development workflows will improve by using containers, be sure not to miss my talk “Using Docker for Development ” at DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco. I’ll be outlining ways that you and your development teams can use containers and container tools while developing applications.

You’ll learn the basics of setting up a dev environment using Docker and Docker Compose, how to best select base images and dependency images for services like a database, and how to use volumes to persist data in your development environment. The talk is peppered with practical tips, like how to optimize your image cache, to help you avoid common mistakes when getting started.

Join me in San Francisco and get 20% off your ticket using code JWLTACHO . Hope to see you there!

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