How to set up different environments on CloudBees platform

At CloudBees you could need to set up a testing, a staging and a production environment. This is really straight forward on CloudBees as you will only need to create different applications and databases for each environment on RUN@cloud, and different Jenkins jobs on DEV@cloud.


  • You have an account on CloudBees. If not, sign up here. Please, be sure that you have a password on CloudBees platform. If you are signed up through GitHub or Google, we don’t force you to have a password, which is required to use the CloudBees SDK.

  • You have, at least, a free subscription in RUN@Cloud and MySQL. You can add new services on CloudBees once you are signed up.

  • Install the CloudBees SDK on your computer.

Creating different environments on RUN@cloud for a Tomcat 7 application

  • Production


    • dbName-prod

  • Staging


    • dbName-staging

  • Testing


    • dbName-testing

Creation of the production environment
$bees app:create -t tomcat7 -a appName-prod
$bees db:create dbName-prod


Creation of the staging environment
$bees app:create -t tomcat7 -a appName-staging
$bees db:create dbName-staging


Creation of the testing environment
$bees app:create -t tomcat7 -a appName-testing
$bees db:create dbName-testing

Understood! But… How can I deploy my application to these environments?

Creating different environments on DEV@cloud

On DEV@cloud you can just create different projects for each environment. For a simple scenario you could have something like this on your own Jenkins view.


Creating different environments on DEV@cloud
Understood! But… How can I create a Jenkins job?

  • Learn how to create your first Jenkins job


Felix Belzunce
Support Engineer