How HPE, Quicken Loans, Intel Do DevOps in the Enterprise

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Can you believe we’re 2 weeks away from DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco  (#DOES16)? It came up so fast! As the founding partner of the conference, we’re forging ahead with IT Revolution  to bring you the most exciting DevOps event to date. As we all strive together to identify and amplify best practices around DevOps and modern software delivery, it’s vital that we gain as many perspectives on the challenges and successes as possible. For over a decade, CloudBees has focused on helping large enterprises - the 'horses' - become better at releasing software. This year at DOES, several of our customers are going to share their unique DevOps transformations stories at the conference.  We can't wait to learn from their use cases and experiences scaling DevOps at enterprises from such diverse industries, such as HPE , Quicken Loans , Intel , and more.

CloudBees Customers Speaking at DOES16:

Doubling-Down on ChatOps in the Enterprise

hpe-chatops-daniel-perez-does16-devops-enterprise-summit Daniel Perez, Build & Deploy Architect, HPE

HPE's Research Development & Engineering team has been on a fast-tracked DevOps journey over the past couple of years. 2 years ago, they started with enabling their entire organization to use CloudBees Flow as a highly available and centralized self-service solution for build/test/deployment pipelines. Then, in 2015, they expanded to comprehensive monitoring, self-healing, and accelerated deployment strategy across all applications to support fully automated deploys and self-healing. Join us this year as HPE continue on their DevOps journey with their biggest transformation yet : the proliferation of ChatOps within the organization. HPE shares the decisions that lead them to this investment, the key lessons learned, and share their various Hubot integrations and capabilities.

DevOps Champions: Leading the Transformation at Quicken Loans

quicken-loans-devops-champions-tyler-underwoord-does16-devops-enterprise-summit Tyler Underwood, Sr. Application Engineer, Quicken Loans

A champion in the workforce is a person and/or team that drives positive transformation and understands best-practice principles to implement. DevOps is a journey, and – more than any shiny new technology – at its core, it’s all about the people. DevOps requires a cultural/mindset shift: it’s a new way of thinking, empowering, and collaborating that requires champions in the organization to drive this transformation. This talk shares Quicken Loans' journey to lead a DevOps transformation in the organizations:

  • How do you move from “Heroes” to “Champions” to scale your DevOps adoption in the organization?
  • How to use “The Three Ways: The Principle Underpinning DevOps” to accelerate your DevOps rollout?
  • Potential challenges encountered along the way. What did we learn?
  • What are some tactics for ensuring buy-in and encourage participation both at the executive level and at the team-level?
  • How do you work with legacy applications, (and sometimes - “legacy” people) on your road to DevOps?
  • Tips for how champions “grease the wheels” for moving DevOps transformations forward.

Intel’s “Middle-Out” Journey to DevOps


Manish Aggarwal, Software Tech Lead, Intel

Software quality matters. Thorough testing is a critical step that is often handled manually, introducing risk and delay and unpredictability in the process. Join us to hear how the Intel Avago QA team transformed their processes using DevOps principles to:

  • Continuously increase the quality of their testing and release pipeline
  • Eliminate manual handoffs and increase code coverage
  • Build and test any version of their software on any combination of hardware, on-demand
  • Re-use automation to cover more ground – Code Coverage, Memory Leaks, Binary Compatibility
  • Detect errors quickly to optimize for quality

“Are we there yet?” Continuous Improvement and Scaling DevOps at Urban Science

urban-science-continuous-improvement-marc-priolo-does16-devops-enterprise-summit Marc Priolo, Software Configuration Manager, Urban Science

Urban Science is a  global automotive retail performance expert that serves nearly every automotive OEM in over 70 countries. By leveraging analytics of consumer behavior, their products help automotive dealers sell more vehicles, improve profitability and increase customer loyalty. 2 years ago at DOES14, Marc from Urban Science presented “Vision Versus Execution: Implementing Continuous Delivery”. He shared how they achieved a big Continuous Delivery win – increasing software test coverage and delivery velocity and efficiency. Since then, Urban Science have been busy scaling DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Lean principles across teams and practices throughout the organization. This rollout included both a cultural aspect, as well as an implementation of a centralized, shared, self-service automation solution for our teams – enabling them to “opt-in” to an automated pipeline. In this talk, Marc presents anecdotes and learnings gathered through their experience over the past two years and discuss the challenges and the value of scaling DevOps across the organization.

The Inside-Out of Creating a DevOps Movement

bluware-inside-out-of-devops-eddie-garcia-does16-devops-enterprise-summit Eddie Garcia, DevOps Practice Manager, Bluware Inc

Grassroots DevOps Taking Roots: You don't always have the luxury of a top down DevOps initiative, what is a non-conforming DevOps minded individual to do? Become a DevOps guerilla and start a grassroots DevOps movement. The presentation will center around two cases: The Mac Office team at Microsoft , and implementing DevOps at a major oil and gas company . The key to both of these cases is that there was much resistance to change and the change was brought on from the bottom up. What is offered are techniques to use to build consensus and momentum for your very own grassroots DevOps movement.

There's More:

electric-cloud-devops-experts-speaking-at-devops-enterprise-summit-does16 In addition to these great customer talks, CloudBees's own DevOps experts will take the stage to share their insights on modern application delivery, new technologies shaping DevOps, as well as tips and tricks for using CloudBees Flow for some of the more challenging use cases and huge scale that we've seen with our enterprise customers. These talks include:

  • Advanced Patterns and Use Cases for DevOps at Scale with CloudBees Flow – Lightning Talks Round In this talk, you'll get to meet CloudBees's technical field and PM team, in a series of 9 fast-pace lightning talks that cover the nuts and bolts for some advanced use cases supporting enterprise pipelines with CloudBees Flow. CloudBees Flow is a powerful end-to-end DevOps platform for software delivery, used by large organizations to solve complex problems that span teams, technologies, and global territories. Come learn how some of our more advanced customers are taking advantage of features like Access control, Rollbacks, Pipelines, reusable components, DSL, Agent resource management, and more - to scale up and standardize their processes in order to release faster while ensuring security, compliance and control.

(Also, if you're an CloudBees customer attending DOES16, don't forget you can take advantage of CloudBees Flow and CloudBees Accelerator training during the event!)


We're excited to see CloudBees Flow and our customers take center stage at DOES - and we're in EXCELLENT company! Check out all of the other great speakers and conference sessions here . The event is almost sold out- be sure to get your ticket now! Get Your Conference Pass »

CloudBees Customers speaking at DOES16 are joining us for a special episode of #c9d9


Tune in on November 1 at 10am PT   for a special episode of our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) video podcast with the CloudBees customers speaking at DOES16. Join Sam Fell, myself, and speakers from HPE, Quicken Loans, Intel, Urban Science, Bluware and Stratus Solutions,  to discuss some of the challenges and patterns for success for adopting and scaling DevOps at large enterprises, and get a taste of what to look forward to at the upcoming show. Add to your calendar »

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