How Does Your DevOps Measurement of Success Stack Up?

Written by: Michael Baldani
2 min read

CloudBees teamed up with IDG to conduct a DevOps measurement survey to investigate how well organizations think they are doing with their DevOps journey. We spoke to 100 respondents consisting of IT executives, IT operations, engineering and shared services who are all involved with DevOps adoption in their organizations. These organizations represent a cross section of small, medium and large businesses. The majority of our survey takers work in the technology, manufacturing and financial services vertical industries throughout North America.

Our initial findings include:

  • A majority of respondents (59%) report their organizations use DevOps for at least half of their application projects. Organizations primarily leverage DevOps to improve productivity, to better predict the delivery of outcomes and to minimize risk.

  • Nearly one-third (32%) are investing in DevOps technologies and tools over the next 12 months. However, the challenge of integrating those tools into the environment is a top barrier to DevOps success.

  • Forty percent (40%) of senior IT executives versus just 16% of managers feel their IT organization does a “very good” job of delivering major application features/enhancements in a timely manner. Similarly, 44% of those in senior IT roles compared to 11% of those in other IT roles think their organization is “very good” at meeting business needs when delivering new software applications. These results show there is a differing perception between senior level IT executives versus the people in the DevOps trenches. Senior IT executives have a more positive opinion of the IT organization’s ability to meet business needs while day-to-day IT managers do not. while IT.

So how is your team and organization progressing in DevOps? What is your DevOps measurement for success? Be sure to review the entire infographic and see how others are coming along with their DevOps deployment, their challenges and how they’re improving their software delivery process.

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