How to do CI with GitHub, CloudBees, and the Play Framework

Some months ago I was in contact with Philip Johnson helping him on his first steps on the platform. He was using CloudBees for educational purposes and he created this fantastic guide which illustrates how to do CI with GitHub, CloudBees and the Play Framework.

This guide cover the following points:

Overview of One Time Configuration (OTC)

  • Set up your GitHub account and host your Play application

  • Set up your CloudBees account and create a sample Play application

  • Configure CloudBees Jenkins plugins

  • Tell GitHub your CloudBees public key

  • Overview of Per Project Configuration (PPC)

Prime the CloudBees pipeline

  • Make CloudBees Jenkins job point to GitHub repo

  • Configure build trigger

  • Test your continuous integration and deployment

  • Automate quality assurance tool invocation

I am sure that you will find this information really useful.

Remember, that you still have available our official Play Framework documentation, which is maintained by our engineer Michael Neale.

Felix Belzunce
​Support Engineer

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