How to Access/Populate CloudBees MySQL DBs

Written by: Vale

Several users have difficulties in understanding how to access and populate a database on CloudBees.
This short page is intended to clarify things out.

Accessing a CloudBees MySql database means configuring nothing more than a normal mysql remote connection.

Therefore, a MySql DB on CloudBees can be accessed:

  • from a MySql Client (i.e. MySqlWorkbench )- configure the connection using the connection parameters specified on the DataBase Manager Page of CloudBees

  • ​​ from within your application by code lines or initialization scripts

  • from command line using mysql commands

    i.e: populate your database running .sql scripts

    mysqldump --opt --user=[userhere] --password --host=[hosthere*]  --port=3306 [yourdatabasenamehere] < dump.sql  

    (change “<” to “>” if you want to export data)

    * the host should be something similar to (the host is specified on CloudBees Database Manager page) ​​


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